Ned McTaggart has been a home inspection company owner since 1988. He has personally performed over 20,000 inspections and continues to work hands-on alongside his inspectors.

Ned’s thorough enjoyment of his work, his over 30 years of work experience and exemplary “people skills” have earned him an excellent reputation in the home inspection industry and real estate community. Some have gone as far as to say, “he’s got an excellent bedside manner” in his approach and presentation of the physical home inspection process. He proudly trains all of his inspectors to follow in the same path. 

Ned began his general contracting career at age 18 when he purchased and renovated a run down apartment building. He has performed many additions and renovations over the years, including plumbing, electrical, window re-glazing and the installation of low voltage wiring, intercom, satellite and security systems.

Ned moved to the South Bay area from the East Coast in 1984, preferring the mild sunny climate and peaceful beach neighborhoods to the harsh winters and hustle and bustle of the east coast.